The Spring of the Emigrants

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"The world is full of emigrants. Some of them are emigrants out of their country; others feel as such within it. The saddest thing is when the soul of the person emigrates, letting that of the beast take its place."

Kalin Iliev


The first to smell something fishy were the airport authorities. Never until now were the flights to Nullia so full of returning emigrants. Most of them were young people, not all were unemployed, on the contrary, many of them had prestigious jobs abroad, some were married and even had children...

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The musical is set in the present days. The people of the fictional country Nullia has been driven to poverty and desperation. The political parties fight for dominance.

A month before the elections tens of thousands of emigrants come back to Nullia to assist the civil movements and the transformation of the country. Young Victoria and Maxim stand out among them. They both fall madly in love with each other.
The authorities are flabbergasted and oppose their love in all possible ways. They declare a state of emergency in the country, change the Election law and prepare a coup in the emigrants' organisation.

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Kalin Iliev

Kalin Iliev, a popular Bulgarian writer, dramatist and publicist.
The author of “The Last Postman” (2006) and “The Spring of the Emigrants” (2013) Author of more than 20 plays, translated into almost all European languages including Russian and Ukrainian, as well as into Chinese

More than 30 publications in the media and productions of his plays on the stages of leading Bulgarian theatres.

More than 20 publications abroad and staging of his plays in over 10 countries worldwide.

Author of numerous journalistic articles published in prestigious Bulgarian papers and magazines.
Kalin Iliev has won a lot of Bulgarian and International literary awards.
A member of SACD, the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers round France, Belgium, Canada and Luxembourg.




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